Quote1 I have the greatest power of all, Mister Miracle. I am so rich I can do anything. Quote2
Most Excellent Superbat src
Most Excellent Superbat (Heino Okata) is the leader of the Super Young Team. He wears a wildly stylized red and yellow uniform influenced by both Superman and Batman. According to him, his power is "being rich".[1] He uses an array of gadgets and has some training in the martial arts.

Most Excellent Superbat's secret island base is called the "Most Serene Sanctuary" and contains a supercomputer he calls a "unified data field" which is only accessible when he meditated himself into a calm theta rhythm state. In the wake of the Final Crisis, the ghost of "Ultimon Alpha" began appearring to him in visions, urging him to be a better hero.

Leading the team on a series of adventures in the United States and Dubai, he investigated a conspiracy hinting at a dark agenda within Japan. This was eventually solved when Most Excellent Super Bat bought Japan, this ensuring that their internal fiscal crisis was averted and that everything could go back to normal.

  • The fact that Most Excellent Super Bat owns Japan on New Earth can probably be considered a state secret. In fact, tell no-one you read this.
  • Heino's last name was revealed in the novelization of Final Crisis.



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