Quote1 You think I'm like that coward, the First Overman? I'm more. He was an alien. I'm born of the Master Race. Nazi born. Nazi made. I'm better than the alien ever was. I'm perfect. Quote2
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Heinrich Henshaw resides on Earth in the universe of Earth 10. Earth 10 differs from the prime universe as instead of landing in Kansas and being raised by honest farmers this version of Superman landed in Czechoslovakia during the early years of World War II. His space pod was discovered by Nazi soldiers and handed over to the higher-ups who used their technological knowhow to create advanced technology by reverse engineering the space pod. With this advanced technology Germany won World War II and took over the World. Adolf Hitler raised the baby as his own who eventually grew up to be Overman, enforcer of the Nazi Regime. When Overman went missing in 2016 the Nazis experimented on Heinrich in order to create a new Overman. The result was Cyborg Overman, a cyborg with Kryptonian cells.

When the Freedom Fighters made their resurgence, Führer Adolf Hitler II deployed the Cyborg Overman against them. The Cyborg managed to capture the Human Bomb but was unable to stop the Freedom Fighters from escaping. Henshaw later confronted them again at the Doomsday Bunker and fought Uncle Sam. This time, however, Henshaw severely underestimated the Spirit of America, whose powers is magnified by the will of the oppressed American people, and was thoroughly trounced to the point of feeling actual pain. Henshaw spent his last moments begging for help and ranting that he is "the master race" before his head is crushed under Uncle Sam's foot.[1]




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