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Heinrich Megala was a scientist employed by the United States Air Force to work on the Captain Atom Project.

He was part of an expedition seeking to take samples from the Silver Shield, an alien. He went on the expedition with Damon and Ashana Long, and Dr. Anton Sarrok. In the process of getting a sample with a X-Ionizer knife, that Dr. Megala created himself, Damon was killed by the Silver Shield. Megala was behind him so he did not get much damage although the radiation gave Megala a permanent disease. Dr. Sarrok went insane and Ashana Long went missing. The disease continued to grow throughout his life, in which he eventually lost sight in his right eye and could no longer walk.[1]

After the incident with the Silver Shield, Dr. Megala raised Damon and Ashana Long's son Robert Long, also known as Babylon. He never told him about his mother gone missing, as he told them that his parents both passed away. Babylon would soon become his bodyguard/servant.

The samples took from the Silver Shield (that were named as Dilustel) were used by Megala to work on a super-soldier program, along with General Wade Eiling, known as Project Atom. Their project led the the creation of Captain Atom and Major Force. When Captain Atom resurfaced from the Quantum Field, Megala was in a customized wheelchair that he created. He no longer could use his arms and need robotic arms attached to the wheelchair. Despite his condition, he helped Captain Atom learn about the Quantum Field as well as about his powers. Megala was also responsible for creating the X-Ionizer technology capable of cutting Captain Atom's skin and the skin of most invulnerable metahumans.

Over time, Dr. Megala's condition worsened that he asked Captain Atom for his help. He attempted to use Captain Atom's atomic energy to stop the disease which worked successfully but at a price of becoming blind.[2]

Dr. Megala developed an intensely adversarial relationship with General Eiling, and was wary that the General could turn on him. In response, he set up a contingency plan which would make public all secrets of the project once his heart ceased functioning. His heart did stop when Megala was killed while fighting the Ghost. His plan proved to be a mere bluff but Captain Atom decided to become the actual whistle-blower of the product and confessed the truth on national television. Despite Megala's fear on Eiling's betrayal, Eiling had a great amount of respect of Megala as he was the first one to kneel down next to Megala when he passed away.



  • Restricted Mobility: Doctor Megala may have a motor neurone disease which will continually degenerate his body leaving him more and more paralyzed.
  • Technological Reliability: Doctor Megala has gone from using computerized and robotic arms and legs to a very simple yet effective automated wheelchair and keypad. He cannot walk, move, grab or speak without these technological appliances.