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Quote1.png Hello. Ich bin Heinrich Von Fuchs, and I'd like to welcome you to Fuchtopia, where great men and women are made greater. Quote2.png
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Sturmbannführer Heinrich Von Fuchs was a Nazi scientist who experimented with augmenting the human form, creating some of the first Metahumans.

Early life

As a child in Bavaria, Von Fuchs has been dreaming about idea of expanding the capabilities of the human body. As a doctor, he attempted to implement his ideas (possibly by creating a 4-armed man, though this may not be true), but was declared a monster and a psychopath. However, when World War II began, von Fuchs's ideas began to be taken seriously.[1]

Creating Mister Nobody

After the war, Heinrich Von Fuchs moved to Paraguay (allegedly "for health reasons") and adopted the alias of "Señor Martinez", a so-called village cobbler. However, he continued his "theoretical experiments" on humans, which attracted the attention of a man known as Mr. Eric Morden.

In exchange for Longevity talisman, Von Fuchs subjected him to a procedure that would later be named "The Morden". Von Fuchs instructed Morden to repeat the phrase "the mind is the limit", as he exposed Morden to an unknown energy in a Interdimensional chamber. This was supposed to attract metahuman powers from alternate dimensions, though the details are unknown. However, before the experiment was finished, he was interrupted and shot by Niles Caulder, who proceeded to steal Morden's payment from Von Fuchs. Nevertheless, the procedure was successful and Eric Morden became Mister Nobody.

Heinrich survived the attack too, and continued his experimental work on humans. Eventually, he opened Fuchtopia - a facility where people could pay to be the subjects of Heinrich's experiments, which would grant them metahuman powers. Through unknown means, Von Fuchs had his mind spread across multiple bodies, allowing him to maintain Fuchtopia on his own. By this point, Fuchs had become aged and decrepit, and was confined to a small wood and glass box, powered manually by a crank.[1][2]


It looks like he was doing well until in 2019, after Mister Nobody kidnapped Niles Calder, Doom Patrol came to Fuchtopia in search of him or any trace of Mister Nobody. They tried to impersonate clients, but were exposed and attacked by Von Fuch's consultants. While Cliff Steele and Jane fought, Larry Trainor entered the Interdimensional Chamber and began talking to his negative spirit. In the end, the consultants were killed, and von Fuchs was stabbed by Jane's personality Silver Tongue. At his dying breath, von Fuchs told Jane that this victory meant nothing to her, since it was not only her victory, but also her personalities.[1]



Other Characteristics


  • Consultants: Unknown how, Von Fuchs had his mind spread across multiple bodies using them as he wants.
  • Interdimensional Chamber: This device was able to transform Eric Morden into Mr. Nobody and Steven Larson into Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man.

  • Von Fuchs was portrayed by Julian Richings
  • Von Fuchs is based on the character Dr. Bruckner, a Nazi war criminal who experimented on Eric Morden, voluntarily, and turned him into an "abstract man" known as Mr. Nobody.



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