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Helen Bryce was the wife of Lex Luthor.

The daughter of a renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Helen Bryce was an intern at Metropolis General Hospital when she was assigned to care for a drunken Lex Luthor. Her life over the next few years is shrouded in mystery. She claimed that her father and she stopped talking, after she refused to join his practice. She also claimed that incidents like the one with Lex convinced her to leave Metropolis. However, these claims were never substantiated.[1]

By 2002, Helen had a position at the Smallville Medical Center, where she once more crossed paths with Lex Luthor. They soon encountered each other at an anger management class. Helen claimed to have kicked an orderly and acted oblivious to what Lex was there for (despite it being known to everyone else in town). Lex asked her out, but she rejected the offer. It wasn't until he asked her a third time, that she accepted, and they were eventually engaged.[1][2]

Among Dr. Bryce's patients at the Center were the Kent family. When Martha and Clark were infected with a virus, Dr. Bryce took a sample of Clark's blood and examined it.[3] Helen later sold the blood to Lionel Luthor (Lex's father) but didn't tell him whose blood it was.[4] After the wedding, the now Dr. Helen Luthor and her husband Lex Luthor went off on their honeymoon, where Helen showed her true colors. She drugged Lex, then had the pilot land and left the plane. Afterwards, the plane took off again and crashed into the ocean. Helen could've just put a bullet in his head but couldn't bring herself to kill him directly.[5][4]

For the next three months, Helen played the role of the grieving widow and claimed that Lex had heroically saved her life, by letting her use the only parachute onboard the plane.[6] However, Lex was then revealed to still be alive and returned to Smallville. Pretending to forgive her, he managed to convince Helen to go on a second honeymoon, where he revealed that he knew exactly what Helen had done. Helen tried to shoot him, but they struggled for the gun and the pilot ended up getting killed instead, forcing Lex to take over and fly it. While Lex was distracted, Helen jumped out of the plane. Lex put someone on searching for Helen, in case she survived, but the search came up empty. Presumably, Helen perished in the fall from the plane.[4]