Quote1 Your father hoped to protect you by hiding you in a closet. But you saw it all, Helena. Steve Mandragora killed your parents while you watched. Helplessly. Isn't that what happened? Quote2
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Huntress was a member of the Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion.

Helena Bertinelli was the daughter of Mafia crime boss Franco Bertinelli; as a young girl she witnessed the death of her father and mother at the hands of one of his lieutenants, Steve Mandragora, who later became a crime boss himself. This event sparked her desire for revenge as she in her adult life trained herself to become the costumed vigilante known as the Huntress. She served as a faithful member of the Justice League during their expansion period following the Thanagarian invasion of Earth; however, her constant going after Steve Mandragora to exact revenge on him by murdering him got her removed from the team permanently. Not wishing to let Mandragora go while she had the chance, Helena teamed up privately with the Justice League member The Question as they pursued him while he was being held in protective custody by federal agents pending a court case where he was to testify against his former associates, with Justice League members Green Arrow and Black Canary serving as his bodyguards. Helena discovered that Mandragora set up an arrangement between himself and his previously kidnapped son, saying it took him months to negotiate, and had almost killed him until she saw his son. Not willing to kill Mandagora in front of his son and take away a little boy's father, Huntress ultimately let Mandragora go, but not before dropping a load of steel girders on top of him. Mandagora is now in jail, while his son is believed to be in foster care.

While working independently, Helena had a relationship with The Question and helped him steal valuable information from Project Cadmus which included a video scenario of the Justice Lords' Superman incinerating President Lex Luthor in that team's universe. When The Question was kidnapped and brought into Project Cadmus for interrogation, Helena kidnapped Jimmy Olsen and used his special watch to summon Superman for his help in rescuing The Question. Superman reluctantly agreed, but only on the grounds that what they are doing is strictly off the books. During their rescue operation, Superman gave Helena his Justice League communicator which she used to transport herself and The Question onto the Watchtower when they cleared the building. Though she was no longer officially a member of the Justice League, Helena helped the team deal with hordes of Ultimen clones that boarded the satellite following Lex Luthor's hijacking of its fusion generator cannon to strike at Project Cadmus, placing the blame on the Justice League.

Some time later, Helena followed Black Canary to Bludhaven where she and other female Justice League members were mysteriously summoned to fight each other in Roulette's new Meta-Brawl Glamour Slam contests. Helena broke Roulette's control over Black Canary by accidentally destroying the Justice League communicator that fell out of her ear during a fight in the parking garage, but the both of them were captured and forced to participate in a Glamour Slam match with Fire, Vixen, Hawkgirl, and ultimately Wonder Woman. While Huntress and Black Canary broke the control over Vixen and Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman proved difficult to get near in order to remove her communicator. Huntress and Black Canary broke into Roulette's control center and fought with Roulette and Sonar, eventually prevailing over them and getting them to kill the signal before Wonder Woman smashed Vixen's and Hawkgirl's faces in at the same time. Black Canary offered to have the Huntress reinstated as a member of the Justice League, but Huntress refused, saying she works better independently. She does accept a two-out-of-three-falls match with Black Canary just to see which of the two is a better fighter.






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