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Quote1.png Oh man, she's a cutie! Looks just like a little tiny Winston Churchill! Quote2.png
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Helena Kyle is the daughter of Selina Kyle and Sam Bradley.

Sam Bradley died on the day Selina learned of her pregnancy. Her mother quit as Catwoman and adopted the alias Irena Dubrovna to raise her, but that state of affairs did not last long. Selina donned the Catwoman costume again and was caught on video with her successor, Holly Robinson.

The supervillain Film Freak deduced Selina's new identity, and together with Angle Man, he abducted Helena. Selina rescued Helena and had Zatanna mind-wipe Film Freak and Angle Man to protect their identities before "killing off" Irena and Helena Dubrovna.

Knowing that her lifestyle was too dangerous for a child, Selina asked Bruce Wayne to arrange for Helena to be adopted.