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Helena Sandsmark is the mother of Cassandra Sandsmark, the second Wonder Girl and member of Young Justice. Helena Sandsmark is also close friends with Wonder Woman.

Helena studied archeology at Harvard University under Julia Kapatelis, and was one of her brightest students. After graduation, she participated in several digs around the world, including one in Greece, where she made an important discovery that made her famous in her profession.[2]

She also met a man, whom she later found out he was the Olympian god Zeus. The two spent a lot of time together and soon enough she was pregnant. Nine months later she gave birth to a little girl she named Cassandra. The man had disappeared by then.

On the merits of her work in Greece and a recommendation from Julia Kapatelis, Helena was awarded a job as curator at the Gateway City Museum of Antiquities, the museum with the largest collection of Greek artefacts outside of Greece. She was the youngest archeologist ever to hold such a position.

Julia Kapatelis sent her friend Wonder Woman to Gateway City, so she could study at the museum. Diana made friends with Helena and her daughter, and also started dating Jason Blood, a visiting occultist, though she was unaware of his other side. As Diana attracted more and more attention from enemies, Helena became concerned for her daughter. However, she was surprised when Zeus granted her daughter powers. Her former mate also granted Helena the power to remove Cassie's powers by speaking one word, effectively grounding her when she needed to.

Helena Sandsmark later let up and allowed her daughter to continue her hero career with Young Justice. Cassie was never told the identity of her father although when she found it nearly destroyed the relationship with her mother.


  • Power Negation: Zeus granted Helena Sandsmark the power to remove Cassie's powers by speaking one word, but she never used it. Additionally, Helena could restrain her daughter, with Cassie being unable to do much about it, as if she didn't have superhuman strength.[3]




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