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Helga Jace was a unscrupulous scientist working for the A.S.A.

Doctor Helga Jace was an exceptional chemist who was charged for illegal experiments on eleven reported people and denied visitation privileges to her son.[1] She was also responsible for sythensizing a anti-aging serum for Tori and Tobias Whale.[2]

While imprisoned, she was sought by request of Agent Odell to work alongside Lynn Pierce in developing a method of substaining the children in the pods. During the process, Jace discovered four blood vials belonging to unique metahumans and manipulated Lynn into exercising an experimental trial that revived a segmented portion of the pods. She was abruptly removed from the project before being sought by Todd Green, by request of Tobias.[1][3][4]

Brought to him, Jace informed Tobias that she was had been previously assigned to aid the A.S.A. in the pod cases, including the location of four particular metahumans.[2] After collecting the four metahumans, she attempts to regain access to the pod kids, suggesting to also reinstate Lynn Pierce to the project.[5]

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