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Helix were a group of six mutated children experimented on in the womb by the deranged Dr Benjamin Love.


As each child was born, he spirited them away, telling their parents they were stillborn, and raised them in secret before disappearing, leaving them with no experience of the wider world and no moral sense. Calling themselves Helix, the now teenage kids-Mr. Bones, Penny Dreadful, Kritter, Baby Boom, Tao Jones and Arak Wind-Walker-embarked on a career as super villains, repeatedly clashing with Infinity Inc. The group has since disbanded and Bones has become Director of the DEO, while Arak and Penny Dreadful have both since died while battling Congorilla and Mikaal Tomas. The whereabouts of the rest of Helix are unknown.


  • The Man Shark Carcharo and Wildcat II were also created by Dr Love, and Carcharo briefly allied himself with Helix.


  • In the letters column, Infinity Inc. #53 claims that the series would be followed by an ongoing Helix title that was never published.

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