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Hellblazer was an ongoing occult-noir comic book series featuring the hard-luck hero, John Constantine. The series began publication in July of 1988 and ended with issue #300, and is a spin-off from Swamp Thing Vol 2. Beginning with issue #63, Hellblazer became a part of the Vertigo family of titles along with several other titles including Swamp Thing (Volume 2) and Sandman (Volume 2). The title character, John Constantine, was created by writer Alan Moore and artist Rick Veitch, and first appeared in the pages of Swamp Thing (Volume 2) #37. The Hellblazer comic was loosely adapted into the 2005 Warner Bros. film, Constantine.












  • The first logo was designed by Dave McKean.
  • The series' canonicity to the DC Universe, specifically the New Earth continuity, is abnormal.
    • Prior to being adopted by the Vertigo imprint, Hellblazer was generally accepted as taking place within the general DC Universe continuity. The series had strong connections to its sister title Swamp Thing Vol 2, and characters such as Nergal and Chas Chandler made occasional appearances in other publications set in the DC Universe.
    • After the transition to Vertigo, the series gradually drifted away from the established continuity of the DC Universe, and appearances from other DC characters (and from Hellblazer characters in other titles) became increasingly uncommon. Additionally, the characters in Hellblazer aged in real time, unlike the rest of the DC Universe. By the time of its conclusion, the series had very little - if any - connections to the broader DC Universe, and the version of Constantine that appeared in DC Universe titles was explicitly a separate character from the Hellblazer incarnation.
    • Due to the unusual nature of the series' canonicity to the DC Universe, DC Database treats Hellblazer characters who originated prior to the series' transition to Vertigo as New Earth characters, and those who originated post-transition as Vertigo Universe characters. The New Earth version and Hellblazer version of Constantine are treated as separate incarnations, although there is likely considerable biographical overlap between the two.
  • Although Hellblazer was mostly published prior to Flashpoint and The New 52, The Hellblazer (Volume 1) and John Constantine: Hellblazer (Volume 1) confirm that many of the events of the series remain intact in Prime Earth.