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"Death and Cigarettes, Finale: Ash": Gemma Masters looks out of the window, contemplating suicide due to the effect John Constantine has had on her. And she nearly pulls the trigger on herself.

Quote1.png You put me through Hell. A-and all along, you had no intention of dying. Quote2.png

Hellblazer #300 is an issue of the series Hellblazer (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2013.

Synopsis for "Death and Cigarettes, Finale: Ash"

Gemma Masters looks out of the window, contemplating suicide due to the effect John Constantine has had on her. And she nearly pulls the trigger on herself.

After John Constantine supposedly turns up alive in the last issue, Epiphany and John go back to their apartment where Epiphany calls John out for letting her grieve. John attempts to explain that he had to make sure she didn't know for the Fates to truly believe he died. After some intimate actions in bed, Epiphany realises that John isn't actually John. Finn Bradly turns up at the apartment and bursts in, and it is revealed that 'John' is actually Julian, a demon that hates John and was attempting to wheedle out information from Epiphany. Finn casts a spell on the demon that weakens his form while Epiphany breaks a bottle and stabs the demon, killing it. Finn reveals that, while studying John, he found that the spells never had any meaning, and that the presentation was the most important part.

The two visit the crematorium and picked up John's ashes and visit the pub. After the pub, the two visit the cemetery, where Finn confesses that he took up smoking just to be more like John, saying that John became and obsession. Finn and Epiphany then decide to share an intimate moment in the cemetery while John watches for a fleeting moment as a ghost, saying 'Good girl' before vanishing.

The scene cuts to the three Fates, walking through a hospital. The fates discuss John, with one wondering how John could have just watched, and another suggesting that John did so because he had finally accepted that he is dead.The third Fate turns her head and questions if a man like John Constantine would actually accept his fate like that.The second fate states that John has lived longer than most, and that he is tired of living.

Epiphany and Finn leave a nightclub, having just finished dancing at it, with Epiphany telling Finn that John has never taken her dancing due to an accident he sustained in his youth. Finn spots one of John's friends, Chas, who grabs Finn and calls him out over the intimate moment in the cemetery. Epiphany punches Chas and leaves with Finn while John appears to Chas, telling him to lay off them before vanishing once more, with Chas remarking that they are falling for each other. John appears again, but in front of Finn and Epiphany, asking to speak to his wife. Finn accuses John of ruining his life, while John states that Finn's addiction was his own fault, and if he didn't give him his moment with Epiphany, he would send him down to the same Hell that Declan Bradly is. Finn walks away, while John talks to Epiphany. Epiphany breaks down, asking John why she is having feelings towards Finn. John calmly explains that she wants him back, and Finn reminds her of him. John then asks Epiphany to meet him in one hour, in order for him to come back.

Along with the ashes, Epiphany goes to the park to meet John. There she meets him and John smokes cigarettes, slowly reforming his body from his ghost. Epiphany realises that John already knew she would be attracted to Finn, and that he did that so the Fates would think he accepted death.

Gemma is still alive, but now works at a strip club run by Terry Greaves. One of the Fates meet her there and who tells her that there are way worse alternatives if John was alive. And when Gemma says that it's good that John is dead, the Fate replies "Oh, you really think your uncle would give up the ghost so easily?" to which Gemma shows disbelief.

John, now whole and human again, meets Terry under a bridge. Terry tells John that he has given Gemma and job, and asks why he is there. John states that he is keeping a low-profile and is straightening some things out, before letting the First of the Fallen arrive to take Terry's body (having taken his soul previously). John then heads to the cemetery, noting that the ash he used to create his body wasn't bonded properly. He finds his nephew Finn drunk and singing, leaning against a grave. John confronts him and tells him to move on and forget about the dark arts, and the obsession he has with them. As he leaves, he says that he will find somewhere quiet where the Fates won't look, and Finn says he has an idea. He and Epiphany go to a cottage house, and John starts thinking about the future. But realising that he doesn't want anyone else to get hurt, he decides to leave Epiphany. Epiphany asks him how he will hide from his destiny, John leaves saying he won't be hiding from his destiny.

This cuts to Gemma's apartment, where she is desperately finding the last dart from Angie Spatchcock, who helped create them in an attempt to kill off John's evil twin, who raped Gemma. John says that he saw her at his funeral, with the Fates whispering in her ear, and he remarks that he could probably guess what nasty things they were saying. He lifts the remaining dart, saying that he is taking it before she got any ideas. He leaves the apartment with Gemma behind him saying that she either hates him or loves him too much, and that killing him would set her free. John tells her that she can either kill him and live with the guilt, or let him disappear and she would never see him again. Gemma puts the latter option into question, saying that there is always doubt as to whether he would not come back. John says there is, and he throw the dart to Gemma, saying that since she is his niece, he will give her the choice to do what she wants. Gemma holds aloft the gun, asking John why he didn't just erase her memory with magic, to which John replies "Because I want this to be your choice." Gemma says that it is typical of John, and he shouldn't be forcing her to do this. She loads the dart into the gun before saying "Damn you, John Constantine.", closing her eyes and firing the gun. She opens her eyes and finds John missing

Meanwhile, at The Long Journey's End in Liverpool, John stands in the middle of the pub, holding a glass of beer.

Appearing in "Death and Cigarettes, Finale: Ash"

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  • London
  • The Brixton Arms
  • Highgate Cemetery
  • The Long Journey's End


  • Readers are left unsure what truly happened to John Constantine, however the supposed ending is that John is spiritually attached to The Long Journey's End, and when he was hit by the dart, his spirit teleported back to the pub.


  • The bottles behind John as he is standing in The Long Journey's End all have the names of those who have worked on Hellblazer

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