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The Hellenders is a team of demon-hunting heroes led by Nathaniel.


Nathaniel is the son of a Methodist preacher who was taught to fear and destroy demons. The team has close ties to government agencies such as the FBI and the CIA. The main purpose of the team is to keep the demons of Hell at bay, but they also hunt other supernatural creatures such as vampires and werewolves.

In an encounter with the Amazon hero Wonder Woman, Nathaniel learns she has the powers to astral project into various lands of myth and legends. Wonder Woman planned to use her ability to travel to Tartarus the fiery realm of Hades to rescue her sister Artemis, after seeing visions of her being tortured. Nathaniel and the team feared that she would destroy the barrier between dimensions allowing the demons to escape on to the mortal plane. He had his team decided to monitor Wonder Woman as all times. However they were too late she had already traveled over, and the two realms began to merge.

Wonder Woman was however successful and she returns to the immortal world with the resurrected Artemis. Nathaniel became interested in Artemis' due to her time spent in Hell, he invited her to join the team. She agreed but only as long as her friend Henrietta Jessup could also join. Though not ideal having a civilian on the team he welcomed the opportunity to have an Amazon warrior on their side.


Transportation: Angelwing: They travel from place to place in the Angelwing, a flight vehicle that can travel 200 miles per hour, can cloak under radar and has front and rear laser cannons.

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