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Hellene is an Amazon senator and former scribe.[1]

Hellene originally served as Scribe in the Themysciran Library. During her service the Queen Hippolyta requested that she destroy a book written by Aphrodite that documented the bloody revolt she led against Hercules, in an attempt to cover up the violent foundations of Themyscira. Unable to bring herself to destroy the book, Hellene allowed the witch Circe to hide the book away instead.[2] Hellene later progressed to a senatorial role and the day to day of running the library fell to Clio. The younger Amazon quickly noticed that Aphrodite's text was missing but Hellene quickly dismissed Clio's suspicions.[1] It was only when Princess Diana joined Clio's search that the lost book was found. This resulted in Clio falling foul of Circe's curse but quickly recovered, causing Hellene to confess all to Clio, who happily forgave her.