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The Helmet of Fate was created by the Lord of Order Nabu along with two other mystical items: the Amulet of Anubis and the Cloak of Destiny. The three items combined would grant the wearer the power of Doctor Fate, the primary agent of the Lords of Order

Quote1.png This is the Helmet of Fate. It is not a "shiny target." It holds untold power. Quote2.png
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The Helmet of Fate is an ancient, and extremely powerful magical object.


The Helmet of Fate was created by the Lord of Order Nabu along with two other mystical items: the Amulet of Anubis and the Cloak of Destiny. The three items combined would grant the wearer the power of Doctor Fate, the primary agent of the Lords of Order

New Earth

In the 1900s, Nabu passed on these three magical objects to Kent Nelson, who became Doctor Fate, protector of the world from evil threats.[1]

During the Infinite Crisis, Spectre killed Nabu and the Helmet of Fate was left astray as Hector Hall, the latest Doctor Fate, also died.[2] The Helmet then started a journey across the entire DC Universe in which it passed through the hands of several people including Detective Chimp,[3] Black Alice,[4] Ibis the Invincible,[5] Sargon the Sorcerer[6] and Zauriel.[7]

After this journey, the Helmet finally reached the hands of Captain Marvel, who tossed it across the universe in order to let fate decide who would be the chosen for the role of Doctor Fate. As fate would have it, the Helmet landed on Earth and it was picked by Kent V. Nelson, the great-nephew of the original Doctor Fate, Kent Nelson.[8] The Helmet provided Nelson the powers of Doctor Fate without the need of the Amulet of Anubis and the Cloak of Destiny. However, due to Nelson's lack of magical knowledge, he didn't used the Helmet properly. Instead, he used it for personal gain until he was confronted by the demon Negal, who sought to destroy any mortal who would carry on the legacy of Doctor Fate.[9] Nelson tried to get rid of the Helmet to avoid Negal's wrath, but soon he learned that the Helmet would always return to him.[10] In a last effort to be free of "the curse", Nelson gave the Helmet to a medium, who tried to use the Helmet, drawing the wrath of Negal upon her.[11] After a long struggle, Kent V. Nelson managed to recover the Helmet and used it to become Doctor Fate and defeat Negal, although the events are not entirely clear.[12]

Prime Earth

After a group of the sorcerer-kings ascended to their cosmic positions as Lords of Order through Hecate, they would learn the immense magical powers they were blessed with no loner could be contained properly in their human bodies. Nabu, one of those sorcerer-kings turned Lords of Order, created the Helm of Fate in order to bind himself to it, continuing his existence.[13]

Over the millennia, Nabu and his allies, the Egptian Gods, would choose brave champions to act, with the Egyptians Gods intending for them to accept the sacred duty of protecting the world while Nabu himself intends for his bearers to act in his battle against chaos, notably those cause by the Lords of Chaos and their empowered agents.[13] Kent Nelson was chosen by the latter and acted as Doctor Fate for years.[13]

In recent years, the surviving Egyptian Gods would choose the champion, Khalid Nassour, to act as the next Doctor Fate due to his pharaoh bloodline. He would eventually come to apprenticeship under Kent Nelson, his great uncle, in preparation for the role. However, Nabu would betray his two hosts, having been faced with constant war to the point of breaking and blaming magic itself for being the cause and plotted to allow the Otherkind to consume all of magic while summoning the other Lords of Order to destroy magical realms and usurping Nelson's body and will. Eventually, Khalid, Nelson, and Justice League Dark were able to stop him and his fellow Lords, the resulting event straining his relationship with his hosts.[13] When Circe usurped the power of Hecate and her Injustice League Dark came into conflict with Justice League Dark, Khalid would appeal to Nabu's better nature and won his favor, Nabu making him the permanent acting Doctor Fate and ceding all control of his power.[13]

Recently, Nabu's spirit would abandon Khalid for reasons still yet unknown and in his place, the Egyptian Goddess known as Hauhet would reside within the Helmet of Fate attempting to warn Khalid of the coming destruction of the Tower of Fate at the hands of Merlin and his pawn in a bid to control all of magic on Earth. Unable to properly convey the urgency of the situation, she would instead send Wonder Woman to tell Khalid on Earth.[14]

Powers Granted

New Earth

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Magical Repository: The Helmet of Fate holds immense arcane power in its own right, with or without Nabu's presence. According to Black Alice, it is "the most powerful magical artifact the world has ever known".

Symbols of Fate: The Helmet is the source of the Doctor Fate identity. Putting on the Helmet of Fate typically results in its wearer being clad in the other garments of Fate, unless the one with the actual claim to the Helmet wants to prevent it.

Enhanced Intellect: When Detective Chimp put the Helmet on, it enhanced his knowledge and awareness many times over, an effect which lingered for a good week after he passed it on. The Helmet also picked up something of Detective Chimp's nature in the process.

Fate's Awareness: The Helmet of Fate is not intelligent in and of itself. However, Black Alice's encounter with it suggests that the Helmet is aware of the world around it in some fashion, and that it can respond to the mind of its holder.

Helm's Resistance: The Helmet can put up a certain amount of resistance to those it doesn't want wearing it, making it a struggle for them to try using it.

Protective Enchantments: The Helmet had several protective enchantments on it. On several occasions, it was stolen by villains seeking the power of Doctor Fate; usually, the end result was that the wearer went insane when they tried to put on the helm.

House of Nabu's Soul: The Helmet of Nabu originally housed Nabu's spirit and allowed him to possess the current wearer; later, however, he was restricted to simply advising the wearer, unable to possess them. The Helmet lost its guiding intelligence with Nabu's death. But it apparently contains some residual guiding abilities as seen by its instruction of the new Doctor fate.

Prime Earth

Created with Nth Metal alloy, the Helm of Fate is one of the three Artifacts of Fate and blesses the user with various powers:

Magical Repository & Empowerment: Among the most powerful magical objects in history, the Helmet of Fate holds god-like arcane power within it's own right, be it with or without the presence of Nabu, increasing the sorcery of it's bearer. It also grants the bearer base powers including:

  • Elemental Control: Bearers of the Helm of Fate are able to redirect and channel the natural elements.[13]
    • Pyrokinesis: The Helm of Fate allows the bearer to channel and redirect fire at will.[13]
    • Hydrokinesis: The Helm of Fate allows the bearer to channel and redirect water at will.[13]
    • Geokinesis: The Helm of Fate allows the bearer to channel and redirect earth at will.[13]
    • Aerokinesis: The Helm of Fate allows the bearer to channel and redirect air at will.[13]

Cosmic Awareness: The Helm of Fate heighten the senses of it's bearer, opening up their "inner eye". This allows the bearer to be able to break the Fourth Wall.[15]


  • On Prime Earth, the creation of the Helm is contested; while most version state the Helmet of Fate being Nabu creation at his own hand and contains his power, the Doctor Fate (2015) instead state that Osiris's power resides in the Helm and is a creation of both himself and Thoth, who would imprison Nabu within it for reasons never stated.
  • Starting in More Fun Comics #72 (1941), Kent Nelson adopted a half-mask version of the Helmet of Fate, but this was not the true helmet, and it did not provide access to any of the Helmet's traditional abilities. Kent Nelson, after this change, was only able to wield such power as was afforded him by the Cloak of Levitation, the Amulet of Anubis, and such natural sorcery he had been taught to wield under Nabu's tutelage.
  • Jared Stevens was once able to melt the Helmet of Nabu down and fashion the metal into a dagger, and a number of Ankh shaped throwing darts, all of which had magical properties of their own. The Helmet reconstituted itself, following Stevens' death.

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