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Helmond Kettering is a Professor of physics at Ivy University.

A professional colleague of former instructor Ray Palmer, Kettering has recently befriended Palmer's successor, Ryan Choi. Choi has not only assumed Palmer's role as a teacher of physics, but he has also taken on his predecessor's super-hero guise, the Atom. Along with three other like-minded individuals, Kettering is a member of the informal fraternal group known as the Lighter Than Air Society. Together, these geniuses have pooled their talents in assisting Ryan's crime-fighting career. Their accomplishments include the particle drive device known as the Bangstick as well as the Singularity Field Generator. Although gifted with a keen scientific mind, Kettering is rather aloof, and requires medication in order to keep his thoughts focused. Even when he is in complete control of his faculties, Helmond maintains an abstract perspective of the world around him.



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