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The term "Out-of-Universe" means that an article or section has been written from a real-world perspective, with the implicit or explicit acknowledgement that the subject matter is fictional. The opposite is in-universe: text written as if a chronicler wrote it, some time after the last event passed.


We use this perspective to maintain the narrative structure and flow of the comic book medium and to avoid unnecessary confusion about continuity in the article body. The Notes and Trivia sections on most pages serve as safe spaces to add out-of-universe information that provides context to the information on the page, regarding continuity or behind-the-scenes creator information and references.

Generally, any information that can be written out-of-universe can either be altered and incorporated into a cohesive in-universe narrative, or it belongs in the Notes or Trivia sections. An exception to this are Concepts, especially metafictional ones, which on occasion require breaking the Fourth Wall to just make sense of it.




  • "Superman was born on the planet Krypton; the son of scientist Jor-El and his wife Lara."
  • "Superman is flying through space when he hears a distant signal from beyond the solar system."
  • Batman waits on the darkened rooftop for his prey to enter the alleyway."
  • Just don't ever say "To be continued." Just don't.
  • "Batman had recently fought the Joker when the madman attacked his adoptive family as a means of getting to him psychologically."

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