Hendricks was an officer in the Gotham City Police Department. During the No Man's Land, he sided with Bill Pettit.

Hendricks began his career in the force as an administrative official, who was in charge of the paper work and reading the mail delivered to the entire Department.[1]

Later on, Hendricks worked with the Gotham City Major Crimes Unit for a long time, almost always in an administrative capacity. He was dedicated to his job, but many of his fellow officers found him somewhat annoying, particularly when he started a crusade to discover who had been stealing office stationery - though he became Harvey Bullock's favourite officer when he exposed Gillen from Internal Affairs as the thief.[citation needed]

When Gotham was declared No Man's Land by the United States Government, Hendricks stayed in the city with the remaining forces of the GCPD. During this time, the CGPD forces disbanded and divided in two factions: the Blue Boys under Jim Gordon's command and the Strong Men under Bill Pettit's command. Hendricks joined the Strong Men along with Foley.[2]

The night of December 24th, days before the No Man's Land was lifted from Gotham, Joker attacked Pettit and his men. Joker kidnapped Hendricks along with many other former police officers and disguised them as himself with the purpose of tricking Pettit into killing them, making him believe that they were the Joker. Over the course of the No Man's Land, Pettit lost his sanity and during Joker's siege, he killed many of his comrades, including Hendricks.[3]




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