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Henri Ducard was a skilled assassin wanted in many countries.

Ducard was often hired for "manhunting", in order to find and kill targets who were in hiding or have fled.

Ducard met Bruce Wayne in Paris, France and taught him "manhunting" skills at his request. However, when Wayne discovered Ducard's ultimate goals, he departed and they never saw each other for decades.[1] Eventually, Ducard was summoned to Gotham City to testify against Bruce Wayne in court and during his short tenure in the city, he deduced Batman's real identity. However and following his own principles, Ducard turned against his associates and murdered their leader when someone paid him more for the elimination. Afterwards, he left the country, leaving Bruce a message that he will soon return.[2]

Some time later, Ducard was hired to assassinate King Snake, making it seem as an accident, given Snake's immunity. However, Ducard failed the mission as Snake was apparently killed by Lady Shiva. During the mission, Ducard encountered Robin and informed him of laundered money sent into Gotham by Snake's criminal organization.[3][4]


  • Firearms: Ducard is an expert assassin using firearms.
  • Investigation: Ducard is one of the greatest deducting minds, even capable of making the connection between Bruce Wayne and Batman.
  • Tracking: Batman calls Ducard the world's greatest manhunter.



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