Quote1.png My experiences in this city have taught me one true thing - nothing changes. Gotham's streets are the same. The blood flows in the gutters just the same. The crimes, the wicked acts, the atrocities ... all the same. Quote2.png
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Henry Ballard, the Talon of 1842, was a master assassin under the Court of Owls.

In a time when anarchy reigned, the Talon was the unfortunate answer to all the chaos. Killing at least 16 people during a major fight, Ballard swore the Court was the answer to Gotham's filth.

In modern time, Henry Ballard was resurrected as part of the Court of Owl's plot on the Night of the Owls. Ballard was sent after Poison Ivy. After attacking the Bird of Prey, Ballard was hunted by fellow members of Ivy's team Black Canary and Katana. Almost defeating the two, the women take refuge in a nearby church. While he is chasing them, Talon is run over by Starling in her car. Starling removes his mask to reveal the Ballard's white haired, grey face.

As Talon is about to kill the Birds, they are saved by a sneak attack from Batgirl. More running ensues and Ballard is finally stopped by his initial target, Poison Ivy, when she drags him into a meat packaging railroad cart.






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