Henry Bendix was the leader of Skywatch.

Henry Bendix has had a long and storied career with Skywatch, the secret space program. During the 1970s, Bendix was a pilot, who flew in Skywatch's punitive mission against Science City Zero, which resulted in tens of thousands of deaths.[1]

Ten years ago, he was the head of Skywatch, who represented his organization at a conference in Croatia called the Druga Meeting,[2] where he met Miles Craven,[3] head of I.O. Though he maintains that Craven is mismanaging his obligations,[1] he has hewed to a policy of the two agencies politely ignoring each other.

Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis

Henry was annoyed by the potential upheaval of a flying armored woman over New York,[1] but his anger became pointed when an anonymous tipoff led him to realise that the armor was derived from technology which, by law and custom, was the sole purview of Skywatch.[4] Mildly paranoid, he had his underling, Lucy Blaze, begin spying on I.O.'s Analysis division, sure they were hiding their crimes from him.[5]

When this subsequently revealed evidence of an unrelated I.O. crime - a massive data theft on Skywatch's mainframe, staged to look like the work of North Korean hackers - Henry ordered the death of a single member of I.O. Analysis, officially putting both agencies in conflict.[6]


  • Aviation: Henry Bendix was a pilot, specializing in the Breslau II "flying saucer", which can easily travel in space and in atmosphere and between the two, with a four-man crew.
  • Leadership


  • Dependency: Henry actively uses an injectable fluid to maintain the energy necesssary to fulfill his role as head of Skywatch.



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