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Quote1 I know I need to be better. We want to be better. We're not here to challenge you or anything. We're here to help this city. My city. Our city. Quote2
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Gotham was a metahuman crimefighter operating in Gotham City and the partner of Gotham Girl.


When he was young, Batman saved Hank and his parents from a robber in Park Row. The incident inspired Hank, and his sister Claire, to dedicate much of their lives to helping the city. They used their parent's fortune to help those less fortunate, along with training their bodies and brains equally. Charity work brought them overseas, where they purchased their powers.[1]

Gotham's Fall

Gotham and Gotham Girl made their first public appearance helping Batman save a commercial plane from a Kobra Cult terrorist attack.[2] As they were young and inexperienced, Batman decided to take them under his wing and helped them become better heroes. In one of his first battles against the rouges of Gotham City, Gotham nearly defeated Solomon Grundy. This feat managed to impress even Batman, who complimented the younger hero's ability.[3]

Gotham and Gotham Girl responded to another terrorist attack, this time the bombing of a bridge. With the help of Batman, they rescued the pedestrians on the bridge and flew off towards another explosion. However, at the site of the second explosion the two entered a crossfire between agents working for Amanda Waller, and Hugo Strange and Psycho-Pirate, who had mind controlled Waller's men.[1] Psycho-Pirate then used his powers on Gotham, filling him with rage. Gotham lashed out and slaughtered twenty-seven of Waller's men. After the carnage, Gotham made the mistake of taking off his mask, which pushed the last survivor to track down and murder his parents. When Gotham realized what happened, he defied Batman and killed the soldier.[4]

Psycho-Pirate's manipulation led Gotham to believe that the city was incurable, and he began a rampage. Batman began to throw everything he could at Gotham, but as the older vigilante was quickly overpowered, the Justice League was called in to help. While Gotham was at first taken by surprise, he quickly regained his focus and fully utilized his power to achieve near god-like strength. He defeated the entire Justice League, before being attacked and killed by his own sister.[5]


Hank was first revived when Claire pumped his body full of a new form of venom. Unfortunately, his body couldn't take it and he died once again.[6]

Death of Bane 0001

Decoy Bane

However, his body was recovered and Bane used it as a double when faking his own death in the "A-Day" attack.[7] His body was then taken from Arkham and placed under the care of Two-Face, who was experimenting with Lazarus Resin. Using the resin, venom, and the telepathic powers of The Thinker, Hank entered into a zombie-like state of life. However, he fully believed himself to be the original Bane.[8] As Bane, Hank worked for Two-Face on "Task Force Z", a team of undead villains led by Red Hood. After working together on several missions, Red Hood sought revenge on Bane for the death of Alfred Pennyworth. Believing Hank to be the original Bane, Red Hood kicked him off a roof.[9] But despite the damage done, his body was recovered and restored to a fighting state.[10]

Eventually, Task Force Z were led into a trap. A renegade Mister Bloom activated chip implants to push Hank into a violent rampage.[11] He was defeated and brought to Powers International, where he had his memories restored.[8] Shortly after his return was made public, Hank reunited with his sister Claire. As the two were discussing Hank's current state of being, Red Hood launched an assault on Powers International Headquarters. Recognizing the man who pushed him off a roof, Hank flew into a rage and lashed out. Working with the others on Bloom's team, Hank was able to quickly subdue Red Hood, but the vigilante activated a bomb and brought the headquarters tumbling down.[12] Following Red Hood to the ground, Hank snapped out of his rage and turned his anger towards the one who really hurt him: Bloom. With help from Claire and Two-Face, Hank overpowered Bloom and defeated him. After the battle, Hank was presented with the choice to use the rest of the Lazarus resin to fully resurrect himself. However, he turned down the offer, instead opting to spend the next few days with his sister and then once again return to the grave.[13]



  • Power Limitation: Each use of Gotham's metahuman powers would shave time off his lifespan. To elevate the potency of his abilities, Gotham had to expend a greater amount of his life, hastening his death.[5]



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