Henry Duke, codename Duke, is a super-strong and invulnerable All-American boy. The staff at The Seminary believes in his potential as a superhero, but Duke is reluctant. His father is an overbearing redneck who enjoys shooting propane tanks, and encourages his son to not "take any crap!"[1] Duke formed a surprising friendship with Punchy during their time at the Seminary. The United States government, represented by Agent Stahl, took a strong interest in Duke and enrolled him in a fledgling program.[2] When Duke failed to properly contain a super-villain, he doubted his ability as a superhero.[3] During his summer at home, his cousin, Dill, was abducted by aliens, piquing Duke's interest in exobiology.[4]

By some means, Duke survived Armageddon and was present when Jack Hawksmoor of the Authority planned to leave London during the Carrier's departure.[5] He and and along with the other members of the Intimates were later among the gathered heroes on Skywatch III being debriefed by Spartan.[6]


  • Duke is inexperienced and doubts his abilities as a superhero.



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