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Quote1.png Noting that he was the undefeated champion in however many weight classes. A master of every known form of martial combat. Universally acknowledged as the greatest fighter in the history of his or indeed any sport. He easily dismissed any challenger all while shouting that only one man was worthy of his talent. Only one man might give him a few seconds of fun. Quote2.png
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Henry Feder was a mixed martial arts champion who once fought Batman in a professional MMA fight.

Henry Feder was a mixed martial arts fighter who competed in the UFA and was undefeated in all weight classes, being reputed as the greatest fighter in combat sport history. When he first challenged the vigilante Batman to an MMA fight in return for $100 million to charity, his offer was declined. Feder kept repeating his offer and declined to fight any MMA fighter who challenged him, stating only Batman could stand up to him for a short time.[1]

When Batman kept ignoring Feder's challenge, he started insulting him. A video however soon surfaced showing him beating up his girlfriend, but he bribed the authorities to not charge him. After he was declared innocent, he mocked the whole issue at a press conference and proudly claimed no one could do anything against him. Batman agreed to a fight the following day and easily knocked him out in the octagon, with Feder giving the money to charity as promised.[1]