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Captain Steel was a soldier in the World Army.

Henry Heywood, Jr. was born in the Philippines and suffered from a rare birth defect that would have caused his bones to crumble before he was eighteen. He was saved from his affliction by his scientist father Henry Heywood, Sr. who used a special metal alloy to make his bones stronger by binding with his DNA; however, it replaced the bones and some of his vital organs entirely, while imbuing him with super-strength and a mental control over machinery. Henry's father tried to turn in his work to the World Army, but he and Henry, Jr. were attacked by Apokolips's forces. Rather than have his work taken by the Parademons, Henry, Sr. took his own life and destroyed his documents.

World Army

After the Apokolips War ended, Henry Jr. joined the World Army and took the code-name Captain Steel. He would go on to work with other agents like The Atom.

Captain Steel was sent on a mission to Rio de Janeiro to enter one of the fire pits left by the war, using the Red Torpedo as conveyance, but something went wrong and Heywood left the the pit after 35 hours, warning the people to close the pit before the Red Lantern got out, as she intended to kill the world.

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  • Unique Physiology: Henry's skeleton was replaced by a metal alloy which causes his physiology to strengthen and become extremely durable.
    • Superhuman Strength: Henry's body is stronger than a human's, it can withstand the weight of heavy objects and with exertion Henry can lift heavy objects.
    • Invulnerability: Henry's body is extremely dense and removes Henry from most forms of damage and pain.
    • Mechanokinesis: Henry can control some kinds of machinery with his mind.[citation needed]

Other Characteristics

  • Apathy: Because of Henry's durability, he has lost touch with his humanity causing him to make emotionless choices and react coldly.



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