Commander Steel was a member of the Justice Society of America.

The grandfather of Nate Heywood. In 1939 Heywood saved President Roosevelt from an assassin's bullet. The bullet left a distinct dent on his dog tags. By WWII, Heywood was a member of the Justice Society of America.[1]

In 1942, Heywood had a strange encounter with his time traveling grandson from the future. He was uncomfortable around Nate at first, but later warmed up to him.[1]

He gave his dog tags to his wife, when their son was born in 1955.[1] A year later, Heywood and the most of the JSA were killed on a mission.[2]

His dog tags were eventually given to his grandson, who grew up with stories about his grandfather's adventures.[1]


  • The numbers on his dog tag are 070233.[1]



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