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Henry Heywood was the hero known as Commander Steel.


Biology student Henry Heywood enlisted in the US Army, but soon suffered what would have been a fatal injury. His life was saved by an experimental procedure that replaced all of his bones with steel.[1]

Henry is killed by a robot created by Ivo and his body was destroyed by the alien conqueror Despero and he was later revived as a Black Lantern. He was one of the heroes restored by the White Lanterns.[2]

Heroes in Crisis

He went to Sanctuary to deal with the trauma of his deaths.[2] He was one of the heroes killed in Sanctuary[3] by Wally West.[4] Upon autopsying his corpse, Batman discovered Joker Teeth in his throat.[5]




  • Black Lantern Ring (Formerly): After being killed by Amazo Heywood was resurrected by Black Hand, and was given a Black Lantern Ring to fight his former allies with. He was later freed from the ring's control and fully resurrected.[6]
  • Commander Steel is often called the "Indestructible Man".[1]



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