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Former arch-nemesis of Maximum Man, Henry (Maxi name "Henry Hate") has since reformed.

He has a twin brother, and was considered the foremost inventor of his time. He usually spends his time playing chess with his former nemesis, Kevin Trueblood (which he wins frequently, presumably due to enhanced intellect) who Hyde consider him to be the only true real friend he had.

He created a HATE Bomb which destroyed only living people, yet left material possessions and buildings untouched, and it was this threat that brought people to Tranquility in the first place. He also pretends not to know Maximum Man's secret word, though he later told him the word in a crisis.



  • Animositrons: Henry Hate's robots that were previously used to attack a town after tricking its townspeople to take them as Gladbots as their servants.


  • Hate Bomb: Henry Hyde's known and most dangerous weapon was the HATE bomb.