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Henry King, Jr. is Brainwave, a powerful telepathic villain.

Henry King, Jr. was imprisoned at Arkham Base alongside Jonni Thunder, Todd Rice and Jeremy Karn. They were released by John Constantine (Prime Earth) in order to help him return to his Earth.[1]

The group then arrive at the Chicago World Army refugee stronghold whereupon they witness Barbara Grayson's death and the group slaughter the men and board the train.[2] Soon after their arrival at Atom's Haven Brainwave begins to enslave the minds of the refugee-seekers to better enable their transition into the space ship he had acquired and the others assist him with his plan.[3] He then brought all of those he controlled - including John Grayson, Richard Grayson's son - before him to board his shuttle; unbeknownst to him Richard and Ted Grant were also within the crowd. Upon discovering Richard, and subsequently his innate resistance to his mental powers, King, Jr. takes control of his compatriots and Ted Grant forcing him to level his gun at Richard. At the very last second Batman and Huntress arrive and knock him unconscious, thereby releasing the minds of those he controlled leaving them to descend into a frenzy.[4]




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