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Quote1 You know what it's like to be able to read everyone's thoughts? It's hell on earth. You think I'm a jerk? Well, trust me, everyone else is worse. If my dad hurt anyone he had a reason too. People are monsters, deep down, they're ugly and greedy and hateful and twisted. That's the truth. Quote2
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Henry King, Jr. was a student at Blue Valley High School and the son of Brainwave and Merry Pemberton, who inherited his father's superpowers after he went into a coma.

Originally born in California as the son of the criminal Brainwave and the superhero Gimmick Girl, Henry Jr. was revealed to have inherted his father's superhuman mental abilities. However, he was killed by his own father after aligning himself with the Justice Society.

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  • Telepathy: After his father's accident, Henry has gained the ability to read minds.
  • Telekinesis: Like his father, Henry was able to move objects with his mind. His telekinetic abilities allowed him to throw objects and even Dragon King's minions through the air with barely a thought. 
    • Brain-Blast: Henry is also able to use his telekinesis in a more dangerous way, like when he launched a telekinetic blast on Stargirl and Cindy that launched the two in opposite directions.