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Henry King, Sr., also known as Brainwave was an enemy of the Justice Society and a member of the Injustice Society of America.

Early life

Henry King, Sr. started off as an enemy of the Justice Society of America and joined the Injustice Society of America in defeating and killing Johnny Thunder, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl. He also fathered a son, Henry King, Jr. with Merry Pemberton.[2]

Hunting Stargirl

When a mysterious individual destroyed his car, which was being used by his son, Henry suspected that, due to a staff being involved, a new Starman had appeared with the Cosmic Staff. Intrigued and threatened by this, he searched for them and warned Icicle about the situation. However, he was told to not pursue them and to stay put. Henry ignored his orders and confronted the new Starman, learning that she was a teenage girl. He was unable to take the staff as she escaped, leaving him with nothing but a Blue Valley High School ID badge.[2] With this newfound information, Henry began scouring the school students for a blonde-haired girl during the Opening Day and sensed her. He came face-to-face with Courtney and threatened to kill her mother if she did not return the staff by midnight. Midnight came and, in Courtney's place, came a robot. Despite his best attempts, Henry easily defeated him when Courtney, now calling herself Stargirl, appeared to stop him. Henry was nearly able to overpower her when Pat used his robot suit's floodlights to break his concentration, allowing Courtney to use the staff's energies to overwhelm his mind and put him into a coma. He was soon found and sent to a hospital to be treated.[3]

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  • Telekinesis: Brainwave can move objects with his mind. He was even able to control S.T.R.I.P.E.'s hand when it was launched at him and fire it back.[2]
    • Force Field Creation: Brainwave can create proficient force fields to protect himself, having survived explosions with one.[2]
  • Telepathy: Brainwave is able to communicate with others, willingly or unwillingly, telepathically. He can also draw out memories or thought processes in others to glean information easily.
    • Brain-Blast: Brainwave is capable of sending out waves of mental energy.


  • Intimidation: Brainwave is shown to be extremely intimidating and threatening, even to his own son. Brainwave is so dangerous and scary, that not even the other members of the ISA dare to challenge him, including Icicle.[2]
  • Medical Science



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