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Henry Small is a descendant of Ezra Small, the founder of the town of Smallville.

In 1985, Henry was romantically involved with Laura Lang, who at the time was separated from her husband. Eventually, Laura went back to her husband. What Henry didn't know was that Laura had become pregnant with his child.[1]

In 2002, Lana Lang showed up on his doorstep and announced that she was his daughter. This made Henry uncomfortable, as he was now married and had two other children.[2] However, he soon accepted her, after it was confirmed that she really was his child. However, Lana pulled away after Henry's marriage began falling apart.[3]


  • Henry Small was portrayed by Patrick Cassidy.
  • Henry Small was never seen or mentioned again after season 2. Nor does his picture appear among photos of Lana's family.[4] Subsequent episodes presented Lewis Lang as Lana's only father.[5][6]