Henry Yarrow was a former member of the United States Air Force who once served as Nathaniel Adam's defense counsel.

He was unable to defend Adam's innocence in the murder of his superior General Lemar, but in truth he was bribed by a drug-trafficking ring called the Green Elite who were responsible for the crime and allowing Adam to take the fall.

Nearly two decades later, Yarrow has since been working as a private detective in Las Vegas. He once again encountered Nathaniel Adam, who was investigating to clear his innocence. Although Yarrow initially helped Adam in his investigation, but was angered when Adam correctly deduced that Yarrow was bought out by the drug ring. Yarrow denied the allegation, but immediately changed his mind when he was being targeted for elimination by the assassin Bolt. After Adam, as Captain Atom, saved Yarrow's life, Yarrow willingly help in Adam's investigation.[1]

Yarrow's investigation eventually put him into even more danger as it has brought the perpetrator dangerously close to him and was believed to be murdered by Bolt.[2] However, Yarrow was in fact alive and revealed to be a member of the Green Elite working with The Ghost, and had purposely framed Adam. Yarrow was ultimately killed by General Wade Eiling, who in turn was the mastermind behind the drug ring and used Yarrow as a scapegoat.[3]

Yarrow returned briefly from the afterlife, in which his soul usurped Captain Atom's body while the hero had a afterlife experience.[4]



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