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Hera is the matriarchal oracle of the Olympian pantheon, the goddess of women and marriage and formerly the queen of Mount Olympus.

Hera was one of the goddesses who combined their godly essences into the Holy Grail to create a new race. After the goddesses split up, Hera went to Themyscira where she gave birth to the new race under the name of Amazons.[2]

Hera would also earn a reputation as a danger to children born from her husband's extramarital affairs. When Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons had an affair with Zeus and gave birth to twins she would create cover stories to protect them from Hera's wrath. One child, Diana, was claimed to have been made from clay and magic while the other, Jason, was sent away to be raised by the immortal Glaucus as a boy being raised on Themyscira would have aroused Hera's suspicion.[3]


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This section of the history takes place during the New 52, between the events of Flashpoint and DC Rebirth. It was later revealed that much of Wonder Woman's history from this time was an elaborate illusion created by the Gods of Olympus to keep her away from Paradise Island. All or part of this section may have been part of that illusion and no longer valid in Rebirth.

Enraged by Zeus's infidelity, she went to Zola's home, and transformed some horses into monsters to attack Zola and have her killed. Her reason for wanting Zola dead was because the young girl was pregnant with Zeus's child.

Hera's rage rose to new heights when it was revealed that Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, also had a child with Zeus; namely Diana. In the middle of a violent storm, Hera descended upon Themyscira to meet Hippolyta face to face. During their conversation, Hippolyta revealed regret that her actions put a divide between them and one between herself and Diana. Hera, on the other hand, revealed how frustrated she was with Zeus, his antics, and her own situation; demanding to know what it was all these mortal women had that she did not before the Amazons appeared, ready to fight her over Hippolyta. Hippolyta, on the other hand, knew the outcome before it happened, but still asked for forgiveness. Hera wished it could be otherwise but ended the confrontation by turning Hippolyta to clay and the Amazons into snakes. Wonder Woman got her revenge on Hera, stating she would spend her days making Hera regret what she had done.

Later on, after Apollo claimed Zeus's throne and became the new king of the Olympians, he banished Hera from Olympus. On Earth, when Zola's baby was kidnapped by Hermes, Hera added insult to injury when she mocked Diana and her companions for their failure. In an angry fit, Zola threw a medical tray at Hera, which injured the goddess. It was then revealed that Hera was not only banished, but also mortal.

Patron of Wonder Woman

Hera's earlier feud with Diana and the subsequent conflict was later revealed to be all part of an illusion put up by Hera herself and the Amazon's other patrons to cover Olympus's champion from the truth that she was actually barred from reentering Themyscira. While Wonder Woman was initially hurt that her goddess had betrayed her trust, she later forgave Hera and her deity returned the Golden Perfect to Diana after she had lost it.[4]

With faith in her people's benefactors returned, Diana continued to fight in Hera's name. This would bring trouble when Diana's former ally Barbara-Ann, who had become the Cheetah, schemed to kill the Gods that she saw as manipulating her friend. Once Barbara had reacquired the God Killer sword she harassed and killed Amazons on Themyscira in an attempt to lure out the Queen of the Gods so she could fight her. When the Cheetah attacked Diana, Hera eventually revealed herself but before the Cheetah could kill her Diana ensnared the three of them together with the lasso of truth and chastised Barbara-Ann for trying to control her life for her just like Hera. Despite latter's objection, Diana decided it was time for her to move on from serving the goddess as Barbara-Ann was partially correct about her mistreatment at the goddesses' hands.[5]

Infinite Frontier

After the Dark Nights: Death Metal event, Hera and the rest of her pantheon would be rescued from the newly revitalized Graveyard of Gods from a recently deceased Wonder Woman during her travels across the Sphere of the Gods after the darker half of Janus murdered them all.[6] When Zeus gave Wonder Woman leave to pursue her quarry however; the irate goddess wasn't too pleased at her husband letting the heroine run off to deal with their latest crisis.[7]

Desire for Fealty

Having grown more and more displeased with the lack of fealty from the Amazons and mortal reverence as of late. The Queen of the Gods would plot and scheme from vested seating to restore dominance over the lower realms. The first inkling of her conniving would rear itself in a bid to turn more pantheons other deities to her cause, erstwhile she would seek to recruit/enslave a new Amazonian demigoddess by the name of Yara Flor who eventually took up as the new Wonder Girl as her personal ward.[8] She became dismayed however when her would-be charge both rejected the divine charms of her Grandson Eros, as well as a cup of ambrosia bequeathed to her for the sake of cementing Ms. Flor's servitude to the Olympians. An enraged Hera demanded she be condemned to Tartarus for her defiance, only for Wonder Girl to flee her captors on the back of a recently befriended winged steed.[9]

Hera would order her grandchild to seek out and murder Yara before word got out to the other Olympians about her actions behind the scenes.[10] But had to begrudgingly give up her pursuit when her husband, The Olympian God King, got involved when the new champion's kinswomen waged war on the gate of their abode to rescue one of their own.[11]

This would not dissuade her scheming for reestablishing almighty dominance over the Earth. Having long surmised that without faith to fuel the coffers of their holy prosperity, Olympus would eventually whither up and die with its adjacent deities fading away alongside it as an eventuality.[12] While her fellow idols of old welcomed the newest addition of Hippolyta to the Grecian hierarchy, the goddess of femininity would continue plotting and planning her desired foreseeing with the aid of grandkin Deimos, Phobos alongside her right hand; Eros.

Having long feared being replaced by the champion of Themyscira, Hera soon found herself finding a new reason to fear and loath Diana's familial line. The former queen of the amazons auspicious rescue of Chaos from the godly Graveyard gave her new footing with the rest of the Olympian Gods.

Being originally fearful that her daughter would usurp her station as a chief goddess amongst her enclave, Hera now saw that Hippolyta's fear of having faith amongst the Paradise amazon sect's bolstering her position were the least of her worries. Seeking to eliminate another obstacle to her ideal resurgence, Hera would accost the newly defied warrioress in the dead of night while she sought a vision of her daughter through a scrying pool. But made the grave errors of taunting her adversary over the horrors she would visit on the formers progeny, as well as underestimate her capability as a fighter while she; despite being nigh almighty, was no combatant on any real level.

Having believed she'd struck her tyrannical ex-patron, Hippolyta ran out of the hall of gods before seeing it was all an illusion set up by Hecate to probe the depths she's willing to go for her own goals.

Revenge of the Gods

In the interim of machination & conflicts, Hera continued seeking other ally's in sequestered divinities who share similar ire towards their dwindling followings. Such as Sekhmet of Egyptian supremacy,[13] on top of The Wizard Shazam.[14]




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