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Quote1 No. I don't want you to be Sparx all the time. I want you to be true to yourself like I should be true to myself and the truth is I'm gay. Quote2
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Hero Cruz was a member of a group of heroic teenagers called the Ravers, lead by Superboy. He used the H-Dial and other magical equipment throughout his career.


He was raised in a middle-class Puerto Rican family in Metropolis.

He was a regular of the Event Horizon, an intergalactic rave that featured hipsters and partiers from all over the Milky Way Galaxy. Though at first it was unclear what, if any, powers he possessed, it became apparent that his vest, later revealed to be the "Achilles Vest", emitted a force field that protected him from most forms of physical assault. He was somehow able to steal this from the lair of the Scavenger, a villainous packrat who stockpiles various items and gadgets from the known universe.

Hero eventually lost his vest, but found the powerful "H-Dial" better known as the Dial H for Hero, when he spells H-E-R-O on its dial, he is changed into various superheroes[1], supposedly merging with them using hypertime.

With the device, he has turned into BadAxe an axe-wielding warrior, and the powerful Human Justice. Later, he would become the muscular Titanic to impress Sparx. Their tension increased as Hero and Sparx were savagely attacked by the H-Dial's original owner, Vicki Grant. Constantly transforming into different villains, Vicki had internalized the dial's power and was unable to change back. Hero reunited the hapless Vicki with her original dial, allowing her to dial back to normal and begin her psychological healing.

At first the relationship between Hero and Sparx went well but Hero became more and more distant from her over time, eventually avoiding her altogether. It was not until they took a trip to Sparx's family ranch in Canada that he finally admitted that he was gay.[2]

For a time, Hero is the companion of the long-lived sentient canine Rex the Wonder Dog.

When Sparx began to lose her powers, and in frustration she told Hero that she not only did not want to be his friend anymore, as his lifestyle was not natural. Hero has since been in a relationship with the alien Leander and has decided to keep tabs on everyone else in the Rave.


Hero Cruz eventually moves to San Francisco, where he met fellow H-Dialer, Chris King. The two heroes became friends and compared notes on their transformations. After some practice, Hero learned to concentrate on a specific power and dial it up.

He became close friends with the Titans when Beast Boy's obnoxious cousin Matt Logan took it upon himself to hold a membership drive party for an all-new Titans West. Beast Boy finally agreed to have the team reorganize, and Titans West was renamed Titans L.A. with members that included Beast Boy, Flamebird, Herald, Bumblebee, Terra, Captain Marvel Jr. and Bushido. But Titans L.A. was short-lived. Eventually, the new West Coast group of Titans dissolved before it ever truly began.


  • Achilles Vest
  • Hero Dial: Hero Cruz uses the mystical H-Dial to transform into a superhero. By dialing the letters H-E-R-O into the circular dial pad he would instantly become a new hero and with focus he could choose which hero he would become. Some of the forms he has taken are:
    • Badaxe
    • Human Justice
    • Stormfront
    • Titanic
    • Feathered Serpent
    • Hot Head
    • Death's Head Moth
    • Ferronaut
    • Captain Elastic
    • Diamond Lord
    • Isis
    • Radio Ranger
    • Faust
    • Caduceus the Healer
    • Viridian Paladin
    • Port



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