"Lo, the Firebug": Stretch updates his daughter, Ellie, on the Americommando bomb, on their way to have dinner where Ellie updates him on Mister Muscle's murder case.

Hero Hotline #5 is an issue of the series Hero Hotline (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 1989.

Appearing in "Lo, the Firebug"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mr. Peirsall
  • Mrs. Bartoli
  • Detective Grobotkin
  • Odd Man (Cameo)


  • Unnamed City
    • Hero Hotline Headquarters
    • 12th Street Subway Station
    • Courthouse
    • Piersall Residence
    • Coordinator's Residence


  • Microwavabelle's Suit
  • Private Eye's Lenses
  • Firebug's Suit


  • None

Synopsis for "Lo, the Firebug"

Stretch updates his daughter, Ellie, on the Americommando bomb, on their way to have dinner where Ellie updates him on Mister Muscle's murder case.

At 7:20 the next morning, Microwavabelle takes her kids to the subway station as their still scared of school buses. Microwavabelle stops a pick-pocket. Upon her return the Coordinator congratulates her and Voice-Over, impersonating the Coordinator, jokingly promises her a bonus.

At HH Headquarters, Private Eyes x-ray scans all the people entering the building.

Hotshot gets assigned to purchase a new bed for Mr. Piersall. He has it delivered and reveals it to be a waterbed.

Stretch, now happy to be getting cats out of trees after having to deal with bombs, is assigned a pet in a tree and ordered to take Voice-Over with him. THe residence belongs to an attractove woman in a bikini and Voice-Over immediately begins flirting with her while Stretch searches the tree. He finds the pet and begins flipping out when the pet, a large python, wraps itself around him which also freaks out Voice-Over. The Coordinator, watching the scene, enjoys his own private joke.

Back at headquarters a car crashes into lightpole just outside the building and all available agents (Miscorwavabelle, Private Eyes and Diamondette) are sent outside. Diamondette is forced to perform an emergency tracheotomy while Microwavabelle gets the gawking crowd away from the car which is about to explode. When Soozie-Q fails to respond to the heroes requests, Private Eyes scans the building and finds everyone being held hostage by supervillain Firebug. The other heroes return and Stretch takes charge drafting a striking Zeep into action. Hotshot is sent to the hardware store to get some flame retardant spray, which Stretch sprays onto his suit. Microwavabelle drops Voice-Over onto the roof. He makes his way to the office where he and Fred stage a fight that distracts Firebug long enough for the heroes to enter. Stretch holds Firebugs arms long enough for Diamondette to sever Firebug's suit's napalm tanks and Zeep soaks up the volatile liquids. Stretch wraps himself around Firebug who ignites burning his costume completely off.

At Mister Muscle's trial the evidence of the murder weapon, the wrench, is presented and it is revealed that the only fingerprints on it are Mister Muscle's. Ellie points out the inconsistencies as the wrench belonged to Ralph Bartoli and he was found not wearing gloves - which would suggest Mister Muscle wiped off everybody's fingerprints but his own. Later, Mrs. Bartoli testifies that she saw Mister Muscle kill her husband from her apartment window.

Stretch and Ellie have dinner at the Coordinator's residence where they discuss who hired Firebug and the possible outcome of Mister Muscle's trial.


  • There is no official story title so the title on the cover is used instead.
  • The date of this issue is unclear. Many factors suggest that it begins the night of the 24th, the night of the previous issue including: 1) Stretch updating his daughter on the events, 2) Voice-Over, Private Eyes and Stretch's various revised attitudes, and 3) Hotshot's acquisition of a new bed for Mr. Piersall. Factors suggesting there is some additional time between the issues include: 1) Ellie's outfit during the day in the last issue and the night is different and 2) the trial of Mister Muscle would begin the day following his arrest (which is unrealistically fast).


  • The Coordinator has numerous signed photos including from Captain Atom, Doctor Manhattan, the Penguin, the Calculator and Johnny Quick. The Johnny Quick photo shows him holding a baby (most likely Jesse Quick) and indicates that the Coordinator is her godfather. Also the signed photo from the Calculator has him vowing revenge.
  • The unnamed prosecuting attorney in Mister Muscle's case is blind and missing part of his left arm. He may ne an allusion to Marvel's blind lawyer, Matt Murdock.
  • Doctor Fate's helmet is seen on one of the desks in the background.

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