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"Part 3: Master of the Lagoon": Lagoon Boy, Wally and Booster Gold Sanctuary video of them speaking about their time in sanctuary starts playing.

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Booster Gold

Heroes in Crisis #3 is an issue of the series Heroes in Crisis (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2019. It was published on November 28, 2018.

Synopsis for "Part 3: Master of the Lagoon"

Lagoon Boy, Wally and Booster Gold Sanctuary video of them speaking about their time in sanctuary starts playing. Lagoon boy has been in the Sanctuary's simulation reliving his past when Power Boy was stabbed and he was shot with a laser, he has replayed this simulation for more than three-hundred thirty-seven times today according to the Sanctuary AI.

Meanwhile Wally starts his simulation in his old backyard with Linda Park (New Earth) Jai West and Iris West spending his time with family and fighting crimes with his kids like before Flashpoint

Booster Gold is shown arriving for the first time at Sanctuary and receiving the mask and robes for anonimity, then he proceeds to enter the simulation and argue in a white room with himself which ends in a fight. The alarms at sanctuary begin to sound as Wally is seen running outside, Lagoon boy later arrives finding Red Devil, Hot Spot and Gunfire's body just to be killed as he falls to the ground laughing. Flash is seen on the porch holding Arsenal's body telling him he just didn't want to be alone just when Harley Quinn bashes Flash's head as Booster Gold watches

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