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The Heroes of Lallor powers were caused by accidental atomic fallout on their home planet Lallor.


The genes of five couples living near the site were effected. Each of the five children born to these families possesses unique powers.

The planet was ruled by a dictatorship, which exiled the young heroes. The five traveled to Earth, where they were briefly tricked by a man named Dr Marden King into battling the Legion of Super-Heroes in an attempt to seek vengeance for his brother Jungle King's death.

They were tricked into becoming enemies, as each side believed that the other was composed of a group of criminals. They soon discovered the plot that had turned them against each other and became friends afterward. Duplicate Boy and Shrinking Violet have become lovers.

The five returned to their planet as heroes, and although Beast Boy died an outlaw, they have remained the principal champions of justice on Lallor.

The Heroes of Lallor

Evolvo Lad has the unusual ability to accelerate or reverse the evolution of his body, becoming either ape-like primate or a super-intelligent man.

Duplicate Boy can duplicate anybody's super-powers.

Gas Girl can transmute the substance of her body into any kind of gaseous element or chemical compound.

Life Lass can turn any inanimate object into a living creature.

Beast Boy (Deceased) had the power to transform into any animal form.

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