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The Heroverse is the location where the potential for all existing and non-existing superhero resides.[citation needed]


The Heroverse resides in the space between the Speed Force Wall and the Sphere of the Gods. The H-Dial is connected to the Heroverse and can also be used to reach the it. As the Heroverse includes all the potential of every superhero that means it includes the past present and future of each hero and their villains, including the past before multiverse-crisises resets. This potential is used to power the H-dial with an infinite number of possible villains sidekicks or heroes. Until now there is only one instance of the H-dial summoning an already existing hero.[citation needed]

Points of Interest

  • The Pinnacle[2]
    • Castle of the Light Hemisphere[2]
    • Canyons of Glory[2]
    • Spires of Hope[2]
  • The Pit[2]
    • Castle of the Dark Hemisphere[2]


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