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Hessia is an Amazon and an ally to Wonder Woman.

Hessia was a general of the Amazons of Themyscira. During her time as a general, she went on a mission of peace for five years. On her way home, she discovered the truth about the nature and destiny of the Amazons. As in her eyes, her kind should be able to choose their own destiny, she cut the "thread of Amazon destiny" held by the Moirai. She sailed back to Themyscira soon after.[1]

Eventually, she left Themyscira for good and started living in London, where she works as a martial arts teacher. A friend and confidante of Diana, she revealed her friend's relationship with Superman to the world because she thought it would make them both better.[2]




  • Hessia lost her immortality and began to age as an ordinary person after she left Themyscira.[5]