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Quote1 Life, as you know it, is an unnatural state. The body separates the spirit from the union of divinity. Inside these doomed sacks of flesh, we are cut off from the glory. We are alone and vulnerable. It is my calling to go forth and remedy this situation by merging the minds of the infidels with the great all… with the infinite. Quote2
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Hfuhruhurr, or the Word-Bringer, is an alien from an unknown planet who traveled the Universe. He worships the Union, a hive mind conformed by thousands of brains merged into one. It is his calling to collect as many minds as he can to add them to this Union.

Hfuhruhurr traveled through the universe for thousands of years, collecting brains from millions of planets to create The Union. He was confronted by Superman when he kidnapped all the inhabitants of Trudeau, South Dakota, removing their brains and preserving them in jars connected to a life support apparatus. This Union, formed by two thousand human brains, granted the Word-Bringer with telekinetic abilities, powerful enough to temporarily subdue Superman. Using the disposed bodies of the disappeared inhabitants, he created a slime creature and used it to fight him, who ended up destroying it. The Word-Bringer denied Superman to be part of the Union, so he attempted to execute him, but his efforts failed, and Superman resisted his psychic attacks. Realizing he has no chance of defeating the man of steel, the Word-Bringer abandons Earth, leaving behind all the brains he just acquired. The victims' brains, connected as a hive mind, were able to make contact telepathically with Superman and ask him to turn off the machine that was keeping them alive. Superman refused, but the Union used their telekinetic powers to knock him unconscious and commit suicide, making him believe he was forced to kill them. [1]

Hfuhruhurr was confronted by Superman again during Kal El's self-imposed exile. Superman followed his trail through space and found his ship, where he conserved thousands of brains of thousands of planets. [2] Filled with anger, Superman jumped to attack him, but the Word-Bringer managed to incapacitate him using his telekinetic power. To prove he is not a murderer, Hfuhruhurr let Superman witness the birth of Eon (New Earth), a powerful humanoid being conformed by thousands of minds, whose powers derive from the infinite knowledge of the members of the Union. Superman and Eon battle, while Superman tries to convince Eon that Word-Bringer's ways are wrong. During the fight, a member of The Union is accidentally killed. Superman tries to save them but fails. He contemplates the idea of executing the Word-Bringer. But the Union tells Superman they noticed how much he cared for the death of one of its members, and they come to an understanding with him, saying that they will only take brains that are willing to join the Union, instead of forcing them. Superman tells them that he'll allow this, but if they screw it up, he will be back. Superman promptly leaves Word-Bringer's ship and flies off into space. [3]





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