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Quote1.png This is your war, Izaya, created from your grief. Who else will end it except he who needed it begun? Quote2.png
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The New God Himon has been the keeper of Highfather's secrets since the first days of New Genesis.

He had good practice as the leader of a secret rebel faction on Apokolips; where he tutored those escaping the tyranny of Darkseid, in the ways of freedom of thought and action.

The Infinity Man

In days of open warfare between Apokolips and New Genesis, Izaya was not able to do what was necessary to end the conflict -- to exchange his son for Darkseid's. It was Himon that stepped in and made Izaya see reality; and recognize that he was responsible for the war they were fighting and the huge cost that Genesis was paying.

To eliminate the guilt that prevented him from acting, heeding Himon, Izaya went before The Source and demanded change; and The Source split Izaya into the future ruler, Highfather, and Izaya's conscience, to be known as the Infinity Man.[1] Himon was the only one to carry this secret; and would continue to both protect and repress the Infinity Man.

Himon's Refuge

Himon bore his own guilt, and to make amends, he secretly went to Apokolips to support freedom of thought and aid those who would rebel against Darkseid. One of the many he helped escape was Highfather's son, now named Scott Free; whom Himon tutored in Escapology, building a Mother Box; and to fight for something larger than himself. [2]

Himon paid greatly for his actions on Apokolips as Aurelie of the Female Furies killed his daughter on orders from Steppenwolf. Himon showed great compassion, as he subsequently tried to help Aurelie escape Apokolips and Willik's vile touch.[3]

Himon the Headmaster

When in New Genesis, Himon was the Headmaster of the Academy of Higher Conscience where he oversaw the education of the New Gods. His last group of students, soon known as the Forever People, were the host of the Infinity Man and Himon attempted to keep him from manifesting by giving Vykin a faulty Mother Box. Vykin, however, bonded with the Mother Box and the Infinity Man was reformed on Earth.[4] But once the Forever People had taken on their mission, Himon defended them to Highfather, even during the Godhead war with the Green Lantern Corps, to keep the Infinity Man away from Highfather.

Himon made many enemies. The Infinity Man chastised Himon for lying to Highfather[5] and Himon's seditious actions on Apokolips became common knowledge. In revenge, Mister Miracle believes that Himon was killed by Darkseid's assassin, Kanto.[2]




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