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Hippolyta was the Eternal Queen of the Amazons of Amazonia.

Three thousand years ago, the man-god Hercules assembled a contingent of Greek soldiers and attacked Amazonia to take the Queen Hippolyta's Golden Girdle, imprisoning and enslaving the Amazons of the island.

Hippolyta, begging the goddess Aphrodite, patroness of the Amazons, defeated Hercules and freed her sisters, leading them on the counterattack that massacred the men of Hercules and freed the Island of Amazonia from the male yoke.

The head of Hercules' Nemean Lion Skin was kept as a trophy of the Amazons, being used annually during the games at the Festival of Diana as an eternal reminder of the cruelty of men.

In the present days, Queen Hippolyta received the sisters Amazons from the city of New Sparta to face the New Athena's champion, Mala, the then Wonder Woman of Amazonia, during the games of the Festival of Diana. Before Mala, only Troia and Artemis — contenders from New Sparta — won the games millennia ago.

Further on, Hippolyta sent Mala, Nubia, Artemis and Troia — and the Gorgon Medusa — to the United States of America in search for Princess Diana, the new Wonder Woman and her daughter, to force her to return to Paradise Island and face the trial for her misdemeanor of protecting US Air Force pilot Steven Trevor, a man who crashed on Paradise Island, and taking him to the Man's World without the permission of the Queen.

During Diana's trial, Hippolyta revealed to Diana, while holding the Lasso of Truth, that Hercules was her real father. Her mother invented the fairy tale of the statue of clay to keep Diana innocent of her origin. Diana's native Amazon vigor combined with the blood of Hercules made her unbeatable, and also proud, rebellious, restless. Hercules' blood called her to Man's World, and to battle. Ashamed to hide the truth of her own daughter, Hippolyta wished to abandon the title of Queen. However, Nubia persuaded her not to abdicate the throne, saying that this decision was not for her to make, putting the crown back on her head.

Hippolyta and Diana made their peace again, and the Queen allowed Wonder Woman to return to the Man's World as the representative of the Amazons of Amazonia.[1]




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