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"A Coffin Full of Dollars": Part One: Can You Talk Through Your Teeth?

Hitman Annual #1 is an issue of the series Hitman (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1997.

Synopsis for "A Coffin Full of Dollars"

Part One: Can You Talk Through Your Teeth?

Tommy and Nat were at Noonan's Bar watching western movies, when the former received a phone call. Tommy went to a town in Texas called Tiburon, where he was laughed at by three locals in their truck. He dropped a grenade in their truck, blowing it up and causing the local police to come out. Among the officers was Sheriff Halliday, who Tommy was looking for. One of the men from the truck, who was wearing a blue hat, demanded that Halliday arrested Tommy, which the officer refused. Then, the man from the truck promised to get payback on Tommy, before the latter went into a police car with Halliday. In the car, Halliday told Tommy about a criminal in the town named Luis Santiago, who employed the men in the truck and planned to excavate a grave where two million dollars were buried. Tommy told Halliday that he would consider dealing with Santiago, before stopping by a restaurant called Cerveza. At Cerveza, Tommy met a man named Jorge, who fought during Operation: Desert Storm.

Part Two: Bad Luck Jack

The next day, Santiago and his men confronted Halliday and threatened him after the latter had a man spy on the former. Santiago's man Manko executed the spy as a warning. Then, one of the who was in the truck earlier pointed out Tommy, who witnessed the confrontation. Santiago approached and threatened Tommy before driving off. After the confrontation, Tommy decided that he would not take on the job and went to the bar. At the bar, he was confronted by Santiago's men and opened fire on them. Tommy threw a duffel bag full of grenades at the criminals, starting a fire in the bar. The remaining criminals beat Tommy up, chained him to their truck, and left him in the middle of the desert. At night, Jorge found Tommy in the desert and drove him away in his jeep.

Part Three: Ooeeooeeoo...Wah, Wah, Wah...

The next day, Jorge tended to Tommy's wounds, asked about Manko, and gave him his grandfather's revolver. Santiago and his men stopped outside the sheriff's office and had Manko gun down the sheriff's deputies. When Tommy arrived, Santiago showed him Jorge tied to the hood of his truck. Nat arrived and threw Tommy a submachine gun before the two opened fire on the criminals. Tommy untied Jorge as he chased away and killed more criminals until only Santiago, Manko, and a man in a blue hat remained. Tommy and Manko were prepared to fight in a standoff when Natt shot the latter in the head with a shotgun. Then, Tommy shot Santiago in the stomach before shooting the man in the blue hat in the head and Jorge strangled Santiago to death. Halliday dug up the grave with the two million dollars, only to find paper money. Tommy and Natt, who were behind him, tied him up, put him inside the coffin, and buried him alive with a bulldozer, before deciding to go home.

Appearing in "A Coffin Full of Dollars"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Luis Santiago (Only appearance; dies)
  • Manko (Only appearance; dies)
  • Man in blue hat (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Halliday (Single appearance)
  • Jorge (Single appearance)
  • Unnamed bartender (Single appearance)
  • Mrs. Chambers (Single appearance)
  • Clint Eastwood (Mentioned only)
  • Klaus Kinski (Mentioned only)
  • John Wayne (Mentioned only)
  • Gregory Peck (Mentioned only)
  • United States Army (Mentioned only)




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