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Holly Ann Fields is Virtue, the leader of the Movement.


Holly was born with powers that several other women in her family had also had. The family had come to call it "the Sight". A side effect of these powers were heavy seizures.[1] The powers started manifesting when she was 6.[2] When she was 11, she had one so severe she apparently died.[1] Her mother decided to keep it that: she told everyone Holly died, but sent her to family in Detroit instead.[2] Her father succumbed to depression and committed suicide by cop.[1]

Holly survived the seizure, and now worked under the name Holly Rae Hunter. She took an active interest in the man who shot her father - Meers - and started working in a waffle house on 19th Street.[1]

The Movement

Holly started the Movement because of a dream she had involving the Justice League and her group fighting various supervillains. She thought they could be part of something bigger, where people cared for each other, compassion was not seen as a weakness and that those in power helped people without judgement.[2]