Breakdown was a member of Gen14.

Holly is one the 14th generation of super-powered beings created by Tabula Rasa. She and her batch were meant to act as breeding stock for Gen13. After Armageddon, the Tabula Rasa facilities were taken over by the remnants of the United States government, and Holly and her teammates were cloned repeatedly to use for combat simulation.[1] Gen13 is only one of the super-powered groups the government is after.

Holly's 43rd clone life was sent out on her own to make contact with Gen13 and ends up inadvertently joining the team. [2] When Fairchild was infected by the Warhol Virus, Breakdown managed to dissolve the infection from her body, but was fatally injured in the process. Back at Tabula Rasa Cloning Bank Rho, another clone of Breakdown smiled in her tank, showing that her memories continued on her next clone life.[3]


  • Molecular Disassembly: Holly can break down any molecular structure, [1] even the oxygen molecules in the air.[4]
    • Fatal Touch: Holly is able to break the atomic bonds of both organic and inorganic materials with the slightest touch.[5]

  • Holly's liquefying powers earns her the nickname "Goo", which she hates.
  • Her I/O ID# is 8634580782. [2]



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