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Sleepwalk (real name Holly McKenzie) is a member of the Sisterhood of Dada with the ability to increase her strength while she's asleep.

The Sisterhood of Dada

At some point, Holly McKenzie became a metahuman capable of fighting in her dreams, and was captured by the Bureau of Normalcy to do correspondence work, where she met Shelley Byron, a woman who can turn into mist, Lloyd Jefferson, a man who has wheels on his back, Malcolm DuPont, a man who can make himself invisible, Sachiko, a girl who can change anything, and Laura De Mille, a bureau agent with shape-shifting powers. Holly befriended them and they founded the Sisterhood of Dada, a team to have fun, and show the world who they really are.

The Sisterhood United

In 1917, Holly met Bendy, a woman with elastic powers, and who came from the future. The two became friends, so she welcomed him into the Sisterhood, and showed her how they had fun inside Shelley's mind. Holly and the Sisterhood were afraid that the agents would continue to criticize them until Bendy revealed himself and gave everyone the courage to be brave, and accept themselves for who they are.[1]

Betrayed by a friend

Over the years, the Sisterhood lost happiness because of all the wars that happened, and that Laura was no longer with them. To raise spirits, Holly and the others decided to finally cause the Eternal Flagellation, an event where all the people of the world face their shameful past, and they had everything ready until they were captured by the buro, as Laura told them, and they were upset with Laura for her betrayal, and for Malcolm's death.

Since then, the Sisterhood, except for Bendy, who disappeared, were used as weapons. However years later in 2019, Holly and the Sisterhood left the Ant Farm after a group of strangers made an escape.[2][3][4]

Eternal Flagellation

"Laura 'Fucking' De Mille."

The Sisterhood began to work on their plan and had met with Bendy to go ahead with the Eternal Flagellation. Holly was asleep while Cliff Steele, a robot man, wanted to talk to her, but he got distracted. Hearing Laura's name, Holly sleepwalked up and entered Sachiko's area to attack Cliff.[4]

The Eternal Flagellation begins

With everything ready, Holly began to celebrate the triumph of the flagellation, and they began to send messages around the world, since tonight would be the big event. Holly and the Sisterhood used a birdcage to lay an egg, in which Malcolm would hatch. The Sisterhood and Bendy, who turned out to be Rita Farr, confronted Laura, Larry Trainor, a radioactive man, Victor Stone, a superhero, Jane, a girl with 64 personalities, and Cliff. Holly and the others withdrew from the scene as the flogging went on until it ended.[2][5]


  • Superhuman Strength: Holly possesses immense strength, as seen when she physically overpowered and threw the much larger and heavier Cliff Steele through a glass box with just one punch.


  • Power Limitation: She can only access her powers when she is sleepwalking. In order to maintain herself in this state, she constantly wore headphones that played Barry Manilow.