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Doctor Holly Quinn was a new psychiatric specialist for the Arkham Institute's deep-security ward.

Dr. Quinn worked alongside Professor Overbeck to try and cure many of its more "eccentric" patients using the Professor's Brain Regulator. A machine designed to lessen a person's more erratic thoughts.

When a mysterious new super-villain called The Red Hood appeared wanting revenge on the Joker, Batman and Robin got permission from Dr. Quinn to release the clown prince of crime into their care. Joker was at first reluctant to co-operate with his enemies, until Quinn said she would approve comedy night at the Institute if he did.

Later, during "Patient Pageant Night", Dr. Quinn welcomed Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara to watch various inmates perform on stage at the Arkham Institute. Quinn feels the night would be a great creative outlet for Arkham's patients. Everything was going well until the Joker's act. His jokes left everyone in such hysteria that they couldn't stop laughing to prevent Joker and Catwoman's escape. As it turns out, the two villains created their own versions of Professor Overbeck's Brain Regulator with the help of a reluctant Holly Quinn, and used one of them on the pageant's audience during Joker's act.

Quinn's reason for helping the pair was to finally create a Brain Regulator that worked properly. But when Joker and Catwoman used a large Brain Regulator to drive all of Gotham City mad with Joker's mental energy, Holly sacrificed her own sanity to restore the entire city back to normal, and leaving herself as an hysterical maniac.

Quinn was put into a padded cell back at Arkham but eventually managed to escape. By the time Batman and Robin found her, she had become a super-villainess called Harlequin, and was determined to make a name for herself as criminal in Gotham, plus become a formidable foe against the Dynamic Duo.





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