Holly Ransome was the second wife of William Hunter, the mother of Cyril Ransome and stepmother of Timothy Hunter, the greatest mage of Earth.

She met William when he was coming back from the hospital, after recovering from the burns made by Martyn, of the Brotherhood of the Cold Flame, and both shared a cab.[1] She grew fond of him, and later fell in love, even when some of her friends where against the relationship.

She had to cope not only with his own boy, Cyril, but also with the growing son of his new couple, Tim Hunter, and from time to time she was surpassed by the stress of having to live in the chaotic life of the mage, specially because she knew nothing of his activities.

After marrying William, her life did not change for the better, and was target of different magical beings who at the end, killed her and his husband.[2]

She was revived as a zombie by his son, Cyril, but Tim who saw the sickness on the acts of his stepbrother, destroyed the corpse to let the woman have an afterlife.[3]



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