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Quote1 I saw her anger. Holly's. I saw it right in the beginning. When we were just kittens. Together alone. Quote2
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Holly Robinson is a close friend of Selina Kyle, the Catwoman.

Holly's troubled childhood left her angry and resentful, leading Selina to train her in martial arts as an outlet for her anger. After terrorists destroyed the orphanage Holly and Selina grew up in, Holly used her learned skills to murder 237 men who belonged to the terrorist group. She told Selina what she had done, and Selina agreed to take the fall for Holly's crimes, knowing that Batman wouldn't let her die on death row. Batman discovered the truth, and came to confront Holly, who was about to flee the country to Kahndaq. In panic, Holly stabbed Batman and managed to board a flight out of the country, adopting a new identity as Catherine Ann Turley.[1]